Sounders FC introduce Clint Dempsey


My thoughts about USMNT not qualifying for 2012 Olympics

Here is what I am going to say about the USMNT not making the Olympics. If we are forced to take a step or two backwards before taking Giant steps forward, thats fine with me. To me, this is a style of play thing. If not making the Olympics means we are going to stop trying to play that filthy style of play (that I refuse to watch), then this will be a positive learning experience. For all those who are saying that the team just needed to win to help the sport get into the mainstream – you guys can all go on vacation together. There is nothing more disappointing then watching the USA play counter attack football. I would rather not qualify and change the way we play than qualify “by any means.” Changing the style of play within a team of players from different backgrounds is an extremely challenging task. However, the USA must change if we ever want to win the World Cup. This loss will hopefully spark more positive changes to help us towards that goal.