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Malaga’s captain Wellington writes letter to Manuel Pellegrini

Malaga captain, Weligton published a very personal and emotional letter to departing manager, Manuel Pellegrini thanking him for everything he has done during his time at the club.

In the letter published in La Tercera, Weligton pours his soul on the pages and thanks Manuel Pellegrini for everything he has done for the club, the city and Weligton personally.

“I struggled to keep the secret you revealed to the entire staff a few days ago. It cost me because it’s not easy for any of us and especially for me, as captain of Málaga, who feels pain at your departure from the club. I understand your reasons, and I’m happy for you, but don’t ask me to be happy, because you are the cornerstone of a historic campaign. Hand in hand with you, I was part of a historic team and that’s something I’ll always appreciate.

It was a very sad day and very moving. You know that. The news that you would end your relationship with the club was predictable by how we had been talking in recent workouts. Having you as a coach has been one of the best experiences in my football career. The power received from the knowledge of someone who has been in big clubs like Real Madrid is something that made its mark on me from the start. It was an honor to have you as a coach and being able to receive your teachings.

I find it difficult to put into words how I would define you as a coach. You were always very focused and hardworking. In memory, we will always swell with pride for the campaigns under your command and we will surely have difficult repeating them.

I’m not going to lie, Don Manuel. We would love to have you continue working in Malaga, but you deserve the right and have the ability to continue growing. We know we are losing a key player in the club, but at the time, we won a lot during your time in charge of the team.

As captain of Malaga, the only thing that remains is for me to wish you every success. You made it clear you were leaving for sporting reasons and that gives us the necessary peace of mind. We also know, as you said, that your love for Malaga will be ever-present.

Don Manuel, follow your path of success. We know we cannot prevent you from continuing to grow. In Malaga, the city, the fans and the press, will always remember you for your great work in the club, victories and participation in the Champions League. But we, the players, were your family during this time. We lived with you your joys and your sorrows, like the death of your father. We learned to respect and admire you more than just what you did on the football pitch and wherever you go, know that no player of Malaga will ever forget your human qualities.

Godspeed Don Manuel, thank you very much for everything.”