My story: Played many different sports growing up in the magnificent state of Delaware (usa). Won a lot of trophies. “Lucky” enough to win a few awards. Eventually made it to University of Louisville (great place) to play NCAA division one soccer and “study.”

Thankfully, in 2004, a close friend invited me to live and train with one of Brazil’s best professional “youth academies.” I thought I was pretty good at the time – but soon found out I was about as good as the 13 year olds in Brazil.

Humbling experience to say the least. But just like every setback in life, there was an equal seed of benefit! Taking the time to relearn everything I knew about the game (diet, mentality, flexibility, core strength, etc..) at age 20 turned out to be a HUGE blessing in disguise!

The transformation – from someone who loved all sports but “played soccer” – to someone who lives, eats, sleeps, breathes, studies and plays only futebol had begun.

If I did not take the chance to learn how to play the beautiful game in Brazil, this website would not exist!

My Brazilian experience taught me how to properly enjoy the game of futebol and more importantly, the game of life. Now, my mission is to help others find that joy.

Since the summer of 2004, with the support of my family, friends and Louisville head coach Ken Lolla, I have dedicated almost all of my time to studying and teaching the beautiful game to over 1,000 individuals – age ranging from 6 years old to 35 years old.

One of the major laws of success is to find people who you desire to emulate their success – and study them! Try to find out what has worked for them so you can use it to help yourself. This blog is full of opportunities to do just that.

Have a long look around, bookmark us and come back often! Tell your friends about us, try to practice what you see/hear, always enjoy your football, and let nothing get in the way of your success!

With humility,


– Please feel free to contact me at ryanmichaeledwards@gmail.com for other training information, services offered, website feedback, or any general ideas.


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